Direct Mail Series

Send a series of three mailers to ensure a better response rate.

ACA Compliance Direct Mail Campaign

(series of three pieces)

Save You Money Direct Mail Campaign

(series of three pieces)

Simplify Healthcare Direct Mail Campaign

(series of three pieces)

Individual Direct Mailers

Compliance Series ACA-01

Compliance Series ACA-02

Compliance Series ACA-03

Save Money Series SM-01

Save Money Series SM-02

Save Money Series SM-03

Simplify Healthcare Series SH-01

Simplify Healthcare Series SH-02

Simplify Healthcare Series SH-03

CaliforniaChoice Direct Mailers

Budget Series BS-01

Budget Series BS-02

Budget Series BS-03

Choice Series CS-01

Choice Series CS-02

Choice Series SB-03

Choice Series CS-04

Choice Series CS-05

Choice Series SB-06

Regional Series RS-01 Southern California

Regional Series RS-02 Northern California

Regional Series RS-03 Southern California

Regional Series RS-04 Northern California

Help Series HS-01

Help Series HS-02

Help Series HS-03

Modern Approach Series MA-01

Modern Approach Series MA-02

Modern Approach Series MA-03

Modern Approach Series MA-04